Since the oil price spike of 2008, there has been greater interest in public transit and the walkability of communities. About 3/4 of liquid fuels in the United States goes to transporting people and goods. Carpooling or taking the bus, instead of single person car trips decreases CO2 emissions and reduces the cost of commuting. The option to walk, bike, bus or carpool gives people more choice and makes for a healthier community and a better planet.

  • Getting to Work
    • Locating your business near public transportation routes can save you and employees money on parking and gas expenses
    • Promote walking, biking, and public transit
    • Incentivize carpooling or car sharing programs
  • Telecommuting
    • Offer a telecommuting option to employees
    • Consider alternatives such as audio and video conferencing
  • Business Travel and Corporate Fleets
    • When travelling, ask if it is possible to choose low carbon options or offset your emissions locally
    • Right size your vehicles for the jobs they need to perform choosing the most fuel efficient option

Since 2001, Alachua County has used hybrid vehicles in its fleet saving approximately $100,000 in fuel over nine years.


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