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Welcome to the Alachua County Board of County Commissioners Public Records Request page. In accordance with Chapter 119, Florida Statutes, the County hereby designates Mileka Glanville as the custodian of public records for entities under the jurisdiction of the Alachua County Board of County Commissioners. You can make a verbal request for public records by calling the Public Records Request Coordinator at 352-264-6906, or by emailing your request to Under Florida law, you are not required to identify yourself or to submit a public records request in writing. To make an anonymous public records request, please call Mileka Glanville​ at the number above and ask for the Public Records Coordinator, who will process your request. However, depending on the nature of a request, certain fees and/or costs may need to be collected before a request can be fulfilled. Therefore, a point of contact may be required.

Phosphate Mining Records​ Notice: Alachua County has obtained records from various federal, state and local agencies related to the proposed permitting and local land use approvals of a new phosphate mine in Bradford and Union County. Please indicate in your public records request that you are asking for records associated with this notice. Please note that the records obtained are numerous, somewhat duplicative, and unculled for relevance.

Mileka Glanville, Records Coordinator​
12 SE 1st Street
Gainesville, FL 32601
Requests related to Alachua County Board of County Commissioners and Alachua County Commission Offices

Alachua County Ambulance Records Request
Requests for Ambulance medical records (When emailing request, send with encryption to ensure security of private health information)

Civil Cases, Criminal Cases, Case Searches, Marriage Licenses, Jury Duty, Payment of Citations, Official Records (Recorded Documents) etc.​

Birth and Death Certificates, Etc.​

Property Appraiser's Office
Property Research, Map Searches, Homestead Exemption; Tax Facts, Recent Sales, Tax Roll Data, etc.​

Tax Collector's Office
Driver Licenses & Registration, Disabled Parking Permits, Pay Taxes Online, Excess Fund List, Tax Delinquent Properties, etc.​

School Board of Alachua County
Student Records, General District Information, School Board Employee Records, Business Records, Etc.

Sherif​f's Office
Case Reports, Arrest Reports, Crime Line, 911 Call Logs, Etc.​

Supervisor of Elections Office
Voter Education, Voter Registration, Election Results, Statistics, Precinct Maps​

City of Gainesville​
For records pertaining to the City of Gainesville, the City Commission, addresses within the city limits, etc..

Public Defender​
The Office of the Public Defender provides legal representation of the highest caliber to indigent persons who face a loss of liberty.

State Attorney's Office​
The State Attorney, with his appointed Assistants and other staff, appear in the courts to represent the interests of justice and of the people.