In order for sustainability in the workplace to have an impact, business owners must make an effort to engage their employees. Promoting sustainable practices can have benefits in and outside of the workplace. Many of the strategies used in the office that reduce carbon emissions and save money can also be used at home by employees and customers. Changing the work environment is the first step toward changing our society’s consumption mentality. Customers respond positively to organizations that value the planet through sustainable practices.

  • Awareness & Knowledge
    • Post signs concerning sustainability, recycling, and costs of over consumption
    • Hold employee sustainability in the workplace workshops
    • Communicate targets and goals
  • Practice & Challenge
    • Provide incentives such as an employee thank-you luncheon, off-site picnic or recreational activity
    • Display progress and savings
    • Challenge your employees to think of creative ways to be more sustainable through competitions or games

Alachua County communicates sustainability through many initiatives and programs. Recently, an organic demonstration garden was planted in front of the County’s administration building with the support of student volunteers and donations. This project raises awareness on the importance of creating local food sources, working together as community and saving resources.