Collaboration in the workplace has become an essential tool for enhancing workplace morale and efficiency. A collaborative work environment is designed to empower stakeholders by elevating them to the level of decision makers through direct engagement and active involvement. Teams of employees can find more creative outcomes to persistent problems than can top-down methods. A collaborative workplace fosters a healthy atmosphere and employees who take pride in their work.

  • Engage
    • Introduce the concept of a collaborative workplace environment through a "Green Team"
    • Hold weekly meetings to discuss concerns and possible solutions
    • Shared responsibility will create a greater sense of ownership and pride in the work produced
    • Buy local - support your fellow businesses and your community
  • Diversify
    • Collaboration between a diverse group of workers allows for exposure to new ideas and solutions
    • Diversity in your workplace will result in greater innovation and creativity

Alachua County has adopted an organizational structure for decision making that features deliberately designed opportunities for collaboration between groups of departments at many levels, with shared and rotational leadership.