Sustainability addresses not only environmental needs, but also social concerns such as the health and wellness of employees. The responsibility of providing your employees with a healthy workplace environment has many benefits to your business such as reductions to absenteeism, insurance costs, and staff turnover. A healthy workplace will also promote higher employee morale, job satisfaction, and happier staff who will have increased productivity, and organizational effectiveness.

  • Encourage
    • Provide tips for maintaining a healthy workplace
    • Distribute healthy living material, and challenge employees to a lunch time walking group, take the stairs campaign, bike to work month etc.
    • Promote healthy eating habits that include local organic foods
  • Provide
    • Locate bicycle storage facilities with shower, change rooms and locker facilities for employees
    • Open access to natural light and good indoor air quality
    • Use green cleaning products that don’t emit harsh chemicals

Alachua County has created a Healthy Communities Forum that unites representatives of businesses, governments and university employers to create broad based health care awareness and facilitate research and best practices to improve employee and citizen health.