Customer Service Standards


Customer Service Standards

General Standards

  • We will be polite and responsive.
  • We will provide clear and concise information about our policies and procedures.
  • We will actively listen to our customers regarding their needs and concerns.
  • We will encourage teamwork and cooperation throughout our department as a whole.
  • We will work to improve our processes and procedures to maintain or improve efficiency and effectiveness.

Telephone Standards

  • We will identify department/office/name immediately upon answering the telephone in a clear manner.
  • We will respond to telephone inquiries in a pleasant and courteous manner.
  • We will provide an immediate answer whenever possible; a firm commitment as to when the answer can be provided or, at the customer’s request, an accurate referral to the proper party or a return call from someone who can help.
  • If a call must be transferred, we will explain the customer’s issue to the recipient of the transfer so that the caller does not have to repeat the reason for the call, and we will inform the customer of the name and telephone number to whom we are transferring him/her.
  • When taking a message for someone, always include date, time, caller, phone number, reason for call, and your name.

Voice Mail/Answering Machine Standards

  • Check, listen and respond to voice mail messages as soon as possible and no longer than one working day of receipt.
  • Keep greeting current to reflect when out of office, vacation, etc.
  • If you will be away from your office longer than one working day, forward your telephone to voice mail.
  • Greeting should include name, department/division name, and a real person alternative.
  • Voice mail messages should include name, telephone number, and brief reason for call.
  • When forwarding a voice message to another employee, always include an introductory message.
  • Reminder: The voice mail software will save messages for only seven (7) days.

Email Standards

  • We will strive to provide our customers with the most accurate, timely, and highest quality information when using email.
  • We will reply to or forward to the proper person all email within one working day from date of receipt.
  • We will compose customer friendly email that is considerately written and uses proper language.
  • We will provide clear and concise sentences by:1.removing all ambiguity (answer who, what, when, where, why, etc.) 2. assuring text is grammatically correct and words are spelled correctly
  • We will address the recipient by their proper name.
  • We will provide our full name and a telephone number for follow-up or clarification.
  • We will compose email that is considerate of the reader’s time: 1.provide an introduction when we are not familiar with the receiver 2.strive to keep email short and informative-keep each email isolated to one issue 3. use email as a proposal for discussion
  • We will utilize the automated email response option when response will exceed three (3) working days.
  • We will encourage the use of automated spell checker option.
  • We understand that email is considered shared information (public record).