Drug Court

  • About

    ​Drug Court offers two options for individuals diagnosed with substance use disorders who have felony criminal charges in Alachua County. Both the pretrial diversion option and the post-plea option offer intensive supervision, case management and treatment to offenders eligible and willing to enter into treatment to overcome criminogenic risk factors. The program lasts a minimum of twelve (12) months and requires a firm commitment on the part of participants.
  • Population Served

    ​Any adult offender with a substance use disorder charged with a third degree felony who is amenable to drug treatment and does not have a violent criminal history.

  • Eligibility

    ​The Office of the State Attorney must approve any individual interested in participating in the pretrial diversion option. Successful completion of the diversion option will result in the State’s dismissal of the felony charges filed against the individual.

    The post-plea option is available to individuals who do not qualify to have their charges dismissed because of prior felony convictions. Post-plea participants must enter a plea with the Court including Drug Court participation as a condition of the plea. The defendant must be screened and accepted by the program before entering the plea. The defendant, the State, defense counsel and the Court must all agree to the terms of the plea agreement prior to admission to Drug Court. Upon completion of the program, the case will be closed according to the terms of the plea.

  • Fees

    ​Program fees are $20.00 per week, established by the Board of County Commissioners. It is the client’s responsibility to pay fees while participating in the Drug Court Program. Indigent clients may perform community service or work crews in lieu of payment



  • Frank A. Owens
  • Drug Court Supervisor
  • 249 W. University Ave. (Rear Entrance)
  • Gainesville, FL 32602
  • Phone: 352-384-3199
  • Fax: 352-334-0132
  • TDD/TTY users, please call 711 (Florida Relay Service)