Day Reporting

Day Reporting


The Day Reporting Program provides an intensive form of supervision for pretrial defendants and probation offenders in Alachua County. It is an innovative program which seeks behavior modification through intense supervision, sanctions, and delivery of services to participants. DR services are designed to deal with the complex problems common to offenders.

Population Served

Pretrial release defendants as well as county probationers. Offenders admitted are those who would not be successful in a less intensive release option such as traditional Pretrial Release or Probation programs. This includes offenders from the following groups: habitual misdemeanor and traffic offenders, domestic violence offenders, chronic substance abusers, DUI offenders, and offenders with Violation of Probation charges. Capacity: ninety (90) active participants.


Limited to offenders who are participating as a condition of pretrial release or probation, have a high need for the intensive supervision and services of the program, and have the ability and transportation to participate in program activities on a daily basis (Includes a final screening so that appropriateness for the program can be determined).

Services Provided

Supervision activities are designed to address public safety concerns and provide structure for participant's lives. Some services are delivered on-site while others are provided within the community.

Activities may include:

Substance abuse prevention/intervention, mental health services, batterer's intervention, anger management, educational assistance, employment placement, urinalysis, and breathalyzer testing.

Sanctions may include:

Restitution, electronic monitoring, community service, and curfews. In addition, participants may be required to attend various treatment modalities as a form of sanction (based on the offense).


There is a twenty dollar ($20.00) weekly program fee for all participants. This fee can be converted to community service hours (fee is equivalent to one, eight (8) hour workday). Probationers may also incur cost of supervision fees, restitution, court costs and fines. These fees may also be converted to community service hours for indigent participants.

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The Department of Court Services' Day Reporting Program supports three individual components: