Small Claims

​​Small claims rules are applicable to all civil actions in the county courts in which the demand or value of property involved does not exceed $8,000 exclusive of costs, interest, and attorneys' fees.

Florida Rules of Court allow a person to file a claim in small claims court with or without a lawyer. The forms needed may be purchased and filed with the Clerk of the Court's office located in the Family/Civil Justice Center.

Please read the Information Before you File document before you proceed.

The Clerk's office is allowed to assist with a small claim by assisting in the preparation of a statement of claim.

Service Information for Self-Represented Litigants in Small Claims Cases

Sheriff's Addresses, Phone & Fax Numbers

Eighth Judicial Circuit Small Claims Court Information

Certified Mail Postage Guidelines

Reservice Information

Eighth Judicial Circuit ‘How to Collect a Judgment’ Packet

​For further information you should contact the Clerk of the Court or your lawyer.

Small Claims forms are available through DIY (Do-It-Yourself) Florida, which uses interview questions to walk through the steps and automatically prepare the forms. Once completed, the forms can be electronically filed through E-Filing Portal. To find out more go to DIY Florida.

Small Claims Forms