• Alachua County Environmental Protection Department
  • 408 W University Avenue, Suite 106
  • Gainesville, FL 32601
  • Phone: (352) 264-6800
  • Fax: (352) 264-6852

Stephen Hofstetter, Environmental Program Supervisor - Steve's background in wildlife ecology has proven invaluable to the NR team. Over the years, his responsibilities have included development review (landuse, zoning, and DRC), environmental and wildlife assessements, citizen assistance, and serving on many teams including the Community Planning Group. Steve is also Alachua County's LID (Low Impact Development) expert and has spoken to numerous groups in Florida and nationally.


Michael Drummond, Senior Environmental Planner - Michael has been a natural resources staff member for many years (decades) and has been the primary reviewer of landuse, zoning and DRC applications. His knowledge of Florida ecology, flora and fauna is also invaluable in conducting environmental and wildlife assessments, and wetland delineations. Michael also serves on many teams including the scenic road committee, the budget team, and the evaluation and appraisal report team.


Eliana Bardi, Senior Environmental Planner (part-time) - Eliana's background in wetlands ecology and environmental research has been a great fit for the NR team. Her responsibilities include development review (DRC and building permit), tracking green infrastructure and environmental resources, citizen assistance, and website and educational materials development. Eliana is a LEED Green Associate and Green Globes Professional and has been working to encourage Low Impact Development and green building practices. She is currently serving on the LID manual technical committee and the Wellness Committee.


Michael Buono, Senior Enviromental Specialist - Michael has been a member of EPD since 1990 and has worked with the pollution prevention program prior to joining the natural resources group. Michael has shown his versatility over the years, from reviewing developments at the landuse and zoning stages to more recently switching to building permit review, and compliance and enforcement. His knowledge and passion for Florida's ecosystems has helped many homeowners gain an appreciation of their natural resources and manage them appropriately.


Betty Rosenblatt, Senior Environmental Specialist - Betty's background in geology (specifically hydrogeology) has been invaluable in developing guidelines for signigicant geologic feature protection and water conservation planning. Her responsibilities include development review (building permits) and compliance and enforcement. She has also been engaged in educational outreach efforts targeted particularly to lake shore home owners.


Sandy McGee, Senior Environmental Specialist (part-time) - Sandy's extensive background as a Regulatory Scientist with the St. Johns River Water Management District gives her invaluable experience in this position. Responsibilities include development review (building permits) and compliance and enforcement. Her interests include hiking, biking, and canoeing and contributing to knowledge of natural communities.