Filing Fees and Service Fees

NOTE: Charges current as of July 1, 2014.

Also effective July 1, 2014, Sheriffs can now charge $40 for each summons. See §30.231, F.S. Contact the Sheriff’s Office for additional information.

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How to Calculate Fees for New Mortgage Foreclosure/Real Property Case excel or pdf

Fee and Service Charge Schedule

Circuit Civil
Service Fee
Circuit Civil (For each defendant over five add $2.50)
- Lis Pendens: Recording fee for 1 page
- for each additional page
- indexing more than 4 names, for each additional name
Issue Summons, per summons, per defendant, incl. alias, pluries summonses $10.00
Counterclaim, Counterpetition, Crossclaim, Third-party complaint $395.00
Mortgage Foreclosure/Real Property Actions Calculate Value of Claim (Form)  Calculate Filing fee  excel pdf
- Claim = 0-$50,000
- Claim = $50,000.01 - $250,000.00
- Claim = $250,000.01 or more

Mortgage Foreclosure/Real Property Counterclaims Calculate Claim Value (Form)
- Claim = 0-$50,000
- Claim = $50,000.01 - $250,000.00
- Claim = $250,000.01 or more

Marriage Dissolution Action FS 28.241, 28.101 $408.00
Marriage Dissolution Counterpetition $295.00
Marriage Dissolution Counterclaim, initial filing not marriage dissolution $392.50
Paternity / Grandparent Visitation Petition $300.00
Paternity / Grandparent Visitation Counterpetition $295.00
Domestic, Repeat, Date, Sexual Violence Injunction $0.00
Attachment, Replevin, Distress (in addition to main case filing fee) $85.00
Garnishment Action $85.00
Severance of action $18.00
Contraband Forfeiture FS 932.704​ $1,001.00
Foreign Judgment Registration (Money Judgment) $42.00
Reopen Fee * See Information $50.00
Malpractice 90-day extension $42.00
Eminent Domain Registry Fee $170.00

NOTE: In all courts - Certified/registered mail costs to be paid by party requesting service.

County Civil
Service Fee
Claims (For each defendant over five add $2.50)
- Less than $100
- $100 to $500
- $500.01 to $2,500
- $2,500.01 to $15,000

$ 55.00
Issue Summons, per summons, per defendant, incl. alias, pluries summonses $10.00
Counterclaim, Crossclaim, Third-party complaint > $2,500 & <$15,000
All counter/cross/third-party claims filed by a party must be combined to determine the fee
Removal of Tenant with or without money claims
- up to $15,000.00
Attachment, Replevin, Distress (in addition to main case filing fee) $85.00
Garnishment Action $85.00
Claim filed with replevin where property value is $1,000 or less $130.00
Foreign Judgment Registration $42.00
Reopen (Claims < $500)
Reopen (Claims > $500) * See Information
Ordinance Violation 28.2402(1)(a) Fla. Stat. $10.00
Service Fee
Summary Administration < $1,000
Summary Administration > $1,000
Formal Administration $400.00
Ancillary Administration $400.00
Curatorship $400.00
Caveat $41.00
Notice of Trust $41.00
Disposition of personal property without administration $231.00
Petition to determine heirs $231.00
Petition to open safe deposit box, enter rooms and places $231.00
Petition to admit authenticated copies/exemplified copies or transcript to record $231.00
Signing of Oath of Witness to Will $3.50
Petition to Determine Homestead $231.00
Petition to Settle Minor's Claim $231.00
Foreign Wills $231.00
Reopen fee * See Information $50.00
Service Fee
(Person and Property)
$ 400.00
Guardianship (Person Only) $235.00
Guardianship (Advocate) $235.00
Guardianship (Veterans') $235.00
Petition for determination of incapacity $231.00
Petition for settlement of a minor’s claim $231.00
Foreign guardian to manage property of a foreign ward $400.00
Conservatorship $400.00
Audit Inventory $25,000.00 or less $0.00
Audit Inventory over $25,000.00 $85.00
Audit Annual Accounting less than $25,000.00 $20.00
Audit Annual Accounting $25,000.01 ≤ $100,000.00 $85.00
Audit Annual Accounting $100,000.01 ≤ $500,000.00 $170.00
Audit Annual Accounting over $500,000.00 $250.00
Reopen Fee * See Information $50.00
Professional Guardian File $7.50
Service Fee
Appeal from County to Circuit $281.00
Cross appeal- County to Circuit Court for claims >$2,500 [34.041(1)(c) Fla. Stat.] $295.00
Appeal to District Court of Appeal:   (Separate Checks)
Fee to Clerk of Circuit Court
Fee to Clerk of DCA
Fee to Clerk of Supreme Court (for appeal to Florida Supreme Court)

Certification of the record $7.00
Preparing, numbering and indexing an original record of appellate proceedings per document $3.50
Marriage License
Service Fee
Marriage license application, preparation, administering oath; issuing, sealing, recording, and providing certified copy of marriage license:
- without premarital preparation course 28.24(23), 741.02, 741.01(1-4) Fla. Stat.
- with premarital preparation course 28.24(23), 741.02, 741.01(1-2),741.0305 Fla. Stat. $61.00
For solemnizing matrimony 28.24(24) Fla. Stat. $30.00
Duplicate or amended marriage license 28.24(23) Fla. Stat. $30.00
Domestic Relations/Child Support
Service Fee
Payoff Statement 61.14(6)(f)(1) Fla. Stat. $25.00
Delinquency Final Judgment Charge 61.14(6)(d) & (e) Fla. Stat. $25.50 + costs
Preparation of Satisfaction Document 28.24(8) Fla. Stat. $7.00
Recording of Satisfaction of Delinquency Final Judgment 28.24(12), 61.14(6)(f)(2) Fla. Stat. $10.00
Central Depository Fee for Support Payments 61.181(2) Fla. Stat.
- Each support payment up to $25.00
- Each support payment between $25.00 and $131.25, additional fee 4%
- Each support payment greater than $131.25 $5.25
Partial Release of Certificate of Delinquency (doc. prep. 28.24(8) Fla. Stat.) $7.00
Miscellaneous Services
Service Fee
Making a copy of any court record or recorded document by photographic process:
- To 8½ x 14 maximum, per page 28.24(5)(a) Fla. Stat.
- Larger than 8½ x 14, per page 28.24(5)(b) Fla. Stat. $5.00
Making a copy of any Board of County Commission public record by photographic process:
- To 8½ x 14 maximum, per page 119.07(4)(a)1 Fla. Stat.
- Larger than 8½ x 14, per page 119.07(4)(a)1 Fla. Stat. $5.00
Making microfilm copies of any public records:
- 16mm 100´ microfilm roll or less 28.24(6)(a) Fla. Stat.
- 35mm 100´ microfilm roll (plats only) 28.24(6)(b) Fla. Stat. $60.00
Audio tape duplication, per tape 119.07(4)(a)3 Fla. Stat. $Actual Cost
Video tape duplication, per tape 119.07(4)(a)3 Fla. Stat. $Actual Cost
CD / DVD duplication (except recording info) 119.07(4)(a)3 Fla. Stat. $Actual Cost
Preparation of document, including signing and sealing per page 28.24(8) Fla. Stat. $7.00
Indexing each entry not recorded 28.24(9) Fla. Stat. $1.00
Certifying copies of any instrument in the public records 28.24(3) Fla. Stat. $2.00
Verifying any instrument presented for certification prepared by someone other than clerk or deputy clerk, per page 28.24(4) Fla. Stat. $3.50
Searches of records, for each year's search 28.24(20) Fla. Stat. $2.00
Oath, administering, attesting and sealing 28.24(13) Fla. Stat. $3.50
Preparing affidavit of domicile 28.24(15) Fla. Stat. $5.00
For receiving money into the registry of the Court:
- First $500 28.24(10)(a)(1) Fla. Stat.
- Each subsequent $100 28.24(10)(a)(2) Fla. Stat. 1.5%
Eminent domain actions, per deposit 28.24(10)(b) Fla. Stat. $170.00
For approving bond 28.24(19) Fla. Stat. $8.50
Judicial sale and recording title 45.031(1) Fla. Stat. $70.00
Transfer of judgment lien to security certificate, making and serving 55.10(5) Fla. Stat. $15.00
Transfer of mechanics lien to security certificate, making and serving 713.24(1)(b) Fla. Stat. $20.00
Additional charge for each additional Judgment lien 55.10(5) Fla. Stat. $7.50
Additional charge for each additional Mechanics lien 713.24(1)(b) Fla. Stat. $10.00
Subpoena - signing and sealing witness subpoena 28.24(18)(b) Fla. Stat. $2.00
Preparing witness subpoena or summons 28.24(18)(a) Fla. Stat. $7.00
Expungement/Sealing - sealing any court file or expunging any record 28.24(25) Fla. Stat. Includes sealing fee of $42.00. Plus at least $49.00 for required copies and certifications.
*This is an estimate. Copy and certification fees vary from case to case, so an additional fees for copies and certifications may be required.
For indexing and recording the lienor's certificate of compliance for enforcement of lien by sale of motor vehicle 713.585(4) Fla. Stat. $10.00
Exemplified Certificates, including signing and sealing 28.24(16) Fla. Stat.
(cost of copies and certification extra in accordance with fees set forth above)
Home solicitation Permit 68.07 Alachua Code; 501.022(2) Fla. Stat. $100.00
Return check charge 68.065(2) & 832.08(5) Fla. Stat.
(if face amount of check does not exceed $50.00)
(if face amount of check is $50.00-$300.00) $30.00
(if face amount of check exceeds $300.00 - greater of $40.00 or 5%) $40.00 or 5%
Restitution payments - receiving and disbursing, per payment 28.24(26) Fla. Stat. $3.50
Tax Deed Sale: Processing application, sale, issuance and preparation of tax deed, and disbursement of proceeds of sale other than excess proceeds 28.24(21) Fla. Stat. $60.00
Disbursement of excess proceeds, each $100 or fraction 28.24(22) Fla. Stat. $10.00
Lis Pendens Recording Fee - One Page $5.00
Child Support:
Delinquency Charge plus costs 61.14(6)(f)(1)
Payoff Statement
Prepare Satisfaction of Delinquency & recording
Delinquency Final Judgment Charge + cost 61.14(6)(e)

Attorney appearing pro hac vice $100.00
Reopen Fee Information

Reopen fee does not apply to motions/pleadings filed within 90 days of the final order/judgment; motions for writs of garnishment, replevin, distress, attachment; motions for dismissal after mediation agreement filed; dispositions of personal property without administration; any probate case prior to discharge of personal representative; any guardianship pleading prior to discharge; any mental health pleading; motions to withdraw by attorneys; motions exclusively for the enforcement of child support; petitions for credit of child support; motions to enforce stipulations; responsive pleadings; motions for contempt; cases on appeal; and cases in which there is no initial filing fee.

This is in effect as of July 1, 2012.