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Survivors of rape can make an anonymous report with the Gainesville Police Department through the website:

We applaud the Gainesville Police Department for creating a secure website allowing survivors of rape to share information anonymously.  The information will be kept confidential, and survivors have the option to share as many or as few details as they are comfortable providing.  For example, the survivor does not have to identify herself or himself.  Most importantly, we encourage all survivors to seek medical assistance and support services.

Counselors are available on our 24 Hour Hotline at (352) 264-6760 or toll free at (866) 252-5439 to speak with you.

2013 Victims' Assistance Academy 

Victim's Assistance Academy Video 

LBGT Intimate Partner Violence Support Group

Alachua County Victim Services & Rape Crisis Center is offering a 10 week support group for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender (LGBT) survivors of "Intimate Partner Violence".  The group begins in late October and is free of charge.  This support group will allow survivors of intimate partner violence to connect with other survivors and begin exploring ways to heal in a safe and supportive environment.

Alachua County Victim Advocate Therapist, Jennifer Heard said, "The trauma that intimate partner violence creates can take months or even years to overcome."  She continued, "Many LGBT survivors of intimate partner violence do not come forward or seek out services for several reasons, including fear of not being believed, being unsure of what inclusive services are available, and fear of ridicule or discrimination.  With this group we aim to create a safe, inclusive space for all survivors that will allow them to connect with one another and begin reclaiming their strength through shared experiences."

This group is available to survivors that identify as members of the LGBT community and is open to all gender identities and gender expressions.

For more information, contact Jennifer at 352-264-6737.

Almost all of us, at some time in our lives will be touched by crime, through the loss of a loved one or as a victim ourselves. People who have survived an act of violence or the death of a loved one that is painful emotionally and physically may experience a full range of reactions. The Alachua County Victim Services & Rape Crisis Center provides services to survivors of interpersonal violence, sexual violence and personal injury crimes. Established in the Gainesville/Alachua County community for more than 36 years, the program is available to support and assist anyone who is a victim or survivor of violence.

Originally, providing primarily traditional core services such as criminal justice accompaniment, crisis intervention and assistance with victim compensation the County's Victim Services & Rape Crisis Center is the cornerstone of victim services in the Gainesville/Alachua County community. The program has received statewide and national recognition for providing creative and non-traditional services for victims of violence, such as a computer workstation to provide internet access to employment opportunities and tutorial software for writing a resume and managing finances, etc.

If you choose not to contact our program or utilize our services, we wish you the best. If you decide to contact us, we are only a phone call away, (352) 264-6760; 24 hours a day, we welcome your call.

We also welcome you to read our brochure on the services that we offer. 

Victim Services & Rape Crisis Center's MySpace and Facebook Webpages

In August 2008, Victim Services & Rape Crisis Center launched MySpace and Facebook webpages with the mission of providing online services to victims of sexual assault and other violent crimes.  These sites cater to internet savvy users and those who do not feel comfortable talking with someone in person.  The MySpace webpage offers victims the opportunity to chat confidentially online with one of our counselors using MySpace Instant Messenger. Both sites allow victims to send messages and obtain helpful information online, from the comfort of their homes.

Click here to visit the MySpace page:

Click here to visit the Facebook page:

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The Long Road:  Images and Words by Survivors of Sexual Violence:

Alachua County Victim Services and Rape Crisis Center is proud to announce that copies of The Long Road:  Images and Words by Survivors of Sexual Violence, are available free of charge to citizens.  This anthology originated as a product of a Survivors of Rape Trauma Support Group that focused on writing as an exploratory and healing tool.  Members completed writing exercises throughout the 10 week group, then chose pieces for inclusion in the printed work that they felt conveyed what they needed or wanted to share with others.

The Long Road HomeAfter the group, survivors from the public were also invited to share images and writing.  The final version includes an array of themes common to survivors of sexual violence at all stages of the healing journey.  Male and female survivors, people hurt as adults and as children, people hurt within the context of a relationship, people experiencing a range of emotions from anger to shame to determination to serenity, thoughts expressed about supporters and about loved ones who could not be supportive  - so much of what is here will strike a chord with other survivors, and perhaps offer them hope about their own recovery process. 

The Center is pleased to have met the three goals of this anthology:  to give survivors a space to voice their experiences, to reach out to survivors who feel as if they are alone and disconnected after the violence, and to educate the public at large so that more people can understand and offer support to survivors.  Copies are available at the Community Support Services building, 218 SE 24th Street, Gainesville, or by calling 352-264-6764.  Please be aware that the anthology contains strong language, and may not be appropriate for all ages or audiences.

Broken Places:  Teen AnthologyBroken Places

"This book is written by and for teen survivors of sexual violence.  The teens who contributed to this work have used their journal writing and artistic expression to aid them on the journey to healing."

We invite you to read this book: Broken Places:  These are the Words and Expressions of Teen Survivors of Sexual Violence and Trauma.


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Mission Statement

To diminish the impact of sexual violence and facilitate recovery to victims and survivors of violent crime by providing 24/7 hotline counseling and emergency outreach.

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If any accommodations are needed for persons with disabilities, please contact the Equal Opportunity Office at (352) 374-5275 or (352) 374-5284 TDD.