Budget Inn Affordable Housing
ADA Compliance
Camp Cuscowilla

Budget Inn Affordable Housing

Alachua County Facilities Management is working on renovation​​ of the recently purchased Budget Inn. This location will be re-purposed to become the site of a new affordable housing program for Alachua County.

ADA Compliance​

Alachua County Facilities Management is currently working towards compliance with ADA requirements in all 52 buildings and parks owned or leased by the county. The Americans with Disabilities Act defines requirements for all buildings and surrounding property to prevent discrimination against people with disabilities.

Camp Cuscowilla

Alachua County Facilities Management and Alachua County ​Parks and Open Spaces are working together to renovate Camp Cuscowilla (Previously Camp McConnel) located in Micanoy, Florida. Renovations include the main house, camp cabins, swimming pool, and more.


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