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Code Administration

Code Administration Special Magistrate
The next hearing is on 9/1/2022.
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We enhance the quality of life of county residents by assisting owners of property in non-compliance with the Land Development Code, including zoning & subdivision regulations, as well as sign, tree and other county ordinances, to come into compliance.

Frequently Asked Questions

What if i receive a Notice of Violation?

A Notice of Violation is a notification that there is a code violation on your property. If you receive a Notice it is because Alachua County believes there is a code violation on your property. The notice will contain specific information about the alleged violation including the applicable code section, the address and or tax parcel number of the property in question, the date the alleged violation was observed, information identifying the owner or responsible party and requirements to achieve compliance.

You may decide to accept responsibility for the violation. This means that there will be no hearing before the Code Administration Special Magistrate (CASM) and that you accept the timeframe for compliance and any fines. If you don’t accept responsibility for the violation, the fine amount or the timeframe for compliance, a hearing date will be set before the Code Administration Special Magistrate (CASM).

At the hearing, the County will present evidence of the violation. You will have the opportunity to dispute that evidence, present your own evidence, and ask questions of the inspector. The CASM will decide if the property is in violation, who is responsible for the fines and timeframes for compliance based on the County’s recommendation.

​How much time do I have to correct violations?

For most violations, the property must be compliant within 30 days, beginning on the date the case is opened. This 30 day period applies only to first time violators. For repeat violators, adjudicated by the CASM, fines will begin on the first day the violation was observed. If the Code Administration Officer has reason to believe that the violation presents a serious threat to the public health, safety or welfare or if the violation is irreparable or irreversible, you may be required to immediately comply and the CASM fines may be substantially higher.​ 

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