Court Case Payments

​​Payments made through the online site may take up to 48 business hours for processing.

PLEASE NOTE for all Case Types:

  • Collection fees and/or interest are not represented in amount due listed on this site.
  • Full payment is required to clear Driver License suspensions. Contact the Clerk’s Office at 352-374-3609 or the local DHSMV to reinstate a Driver License after payment is made.
  • Payment does not waive an individual from appearing in a scheduled court event.
  • A 3.5% convenience fee is added to debit and credit card payments.
  • Searches can be done by name, but payments are made using the Case/Uniform Case Number (UCN). Case numbers are styled, for example, as 01 2021 CF 001234 A.  On the payment selection screen, the case will be listed under UCN as 012021CF001234AXXXXX.  If you do not know your case number, click the link below to search for the case number/UCN and then return to this page and select the “Civil and Criminal Payments” link below to make a payment.  If intending to make a payment on multiple cases, separate payments must be made on each case.​

Click Here to Search for a Case Number

Criminal Case Payments (CF,​ MM, CT)

  • Partial payments may be subjected to a $5.00 partial payment fee if not currently on a payment plan.  To enroll in a payment plan, contact the Criminal Department of the Clerk’s Office at 352-374-3681.
  • Supervised felony probation payments should be made to the Probation Office.  
  • Payments made on this site will not be applied to restitution or probation costs.​

Court Payment Plans for Criminal Cases

To set up a payment plan Complete the Request Form and email it to Clerk staff will review the application, complete the payment plan terms, and return the payment plan to the email address provided.

If you have questions, please call the clerk’s office at 352-264-7050.

Payment plans are not available to individuals:

  • ​On supervised probation. please see your probation officer; OR
  • Whose case has been sent to collections—payment arrangements must be made with the collection agency.

There is a service charge of $25 for establishing a payment plan.

​Failure to make timely payments pursuant to the terms of a payment plan may result in the assessment of late fees, driver license suspension (ss. 318.15, 322.245, Fla. Stat.) and referral of your case being to a collection agency, adding a 25% collection fee to your outstanding balance, s. 28.246(6), Fla. Stat.

If your financial situation changes and you need to modify the payment plan, call 352-264-7050 or email​, immediately for assistance.

Civil Case Payments (CA, SC, CC, DR, GA, AP, IN, CP)

  • Judgments cannot be paid online, and must be satisfied by certified funds (cash, cashier’s check, or money order). A $7.00 payoff fee is required. To satisfy a judgment, please contact the Clerk’s Office at 352-374-3618.
  • Partial payments may be subjected to a $5.00 partial payment fee if not currently on a payment plan.  To enroll in a payment plan, contact the Civil Department of the Clerk’s Office at 352-374-3618.


Civil Traffic Payments (TR)

  • ​Click here​ for more information about online payments and elections to attend a driver improvement course for civil traffic citations. 


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