The Alachua County Clerk of Court is pleased to offer Internet access to the index of the Alachua County Official Records on file in the County Recording Office. All data and images in the Official Records are subject to change without notice.
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Note that cross-references are also informational only and cannot be relied on for accuracy or completeness. Users can only rely on the description in the document
While the Clerk's Office has attempted to preserve the accuracy of the online version of the index, this online index is not the official index. The complete and Official Public Records Index of Alachua County is available on the first floor of the Alachua County Family / Civil Justice Center.
The index is similar to a library card catalogue; it is a guide to the information contained within the referenced documents and should not be relied on in making any decision or determination regarding the underlying document. NO CONCLUSIONS SHOULD BE MADE FROM THE INDEX WITHOUT EXAMINING THE DOCUMENT IMAGE DIRECTLY. Documents for which images are not currently available on this web site should be examined at the County Recording Office.
All information provided by the Clerk through this Internet service is for informational purposes only and is not an official or certified record of the Clerk’s Office. Furthermore, this information is subject to change without notice and should not be used for any official purpose.

Unrestricted searches by type, last name, etc. will return only 500 records. To maximize search results and for more accuracy narrow the search and search all possible spelling variations of names, as well as other search criteria. Currently, the online index is from August 21, 1971 to the present and most document images from January 4, 1980 starting with Page 1 of Book 1255 to present are available for viewing.
Plats recorded after December 13, 1999, can be found using this search. Plats can be found using Name or Book and Page search criteria. As an example, to retrieve all listings for Plat Book 22, choose PLAT in the Document Type Box and 22 in the Book-Page Box.
Data on this site is updated daily with the exception of weekends and holidays. No guarantee is made as to update frequency.
For security and analytic purposes, information about searches conducted through the internet index provided will be logged. Information collected from these logs will be used to maintain and improve this service.

Pursuant to Florida law the following document types RECORDED after June 4, 2002, will not be available via this website: military discharges, death certificates, court records relating to Family Law, Juvenile Procedure and Probate. In addition, some information, regardless of document type, may by redacted from the images upon request as authorized by statute.
Pursuant to court order, some court records have been expunged and are no longer available in the Official Records.

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