Outreach and Services

Welcome to the

Alachua County Recycles Website!

OUR MISSION: to provide quality waste alternatives public education and services to our community in Alachua County, Florida.

  • Stories, games, tours, and experiences for Alachua County students
  • Waste and recycling surveys for businesses
  • Compost bins and community education
  • Invite our staff to your schools, businesses or community groups for presentations uniquely suited to your needs!

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Waste Watcher 


We're the Alachua County Recycles team. We help students, residents and business people of Alachua County, Florida understand the need to reTHINK, reduce, reuse and recycle. Our public education campaign began in 1989, and now reaches thousands of people through mass media, FREE school, community and commercial presentations, and personal services such as providing compost bins.
The values that the Office of Waste Alternatives focuses on are:
  • creative learning
  • educational support
  • environmental preservation
  • community partnerships
  • public information
For a program or service, call (352) 374-5213.


Tools for Schools
TOOLS FOR SCHOOLS - a reusable resource center where teachers can shop for free!