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New irrigation design and maintenance standards have been adopted in Alachua County. Learn more HERE.



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Water Resources Goals

Alachua County Environmental Protection Department (ACEPD) Water Resources Program protects our water resources by monitoring surface waters, groundwater, springs, and wastewater and enforcing the Water Quality, Fertilizer, Irrigation, and Hazardous Materials codes. ACEPD is also involved with public education and citizen volunteer groups. 

Water Resources Benchmarks
 1st Quarter 2015
  • Inspections of Regulated Facilities - 192
  • Complaints and Spills Investigations - 179
  • Water Quality Monitoring Locations - 49
  • Outreach and Public Event Meeting - 22
  • Gus Olmos
  • Environmental Program Manager
  • Phone:352-264-6806
  • TDD/TTY users, please call 711 (Florida Relay Service)
  • Robin Hallbourg
  • Professional Geologist
  • Phone:352-264-6825
  • TDD/TTY users, please call 711 (Florida Relay Service)
  • Robin's background is in hydrogeology and environmental science. Her responsibilities include implementation and management of the County's water quality program, technical report preparation, and grant and contract management. Her recent project work involves nutrient assessments of groundwater and springs, evaluation of illicit discharges to surface waters, and native habitat restoration.
  • Stacie Greco
  • Water Conservation Coordinator
  • Phone:352-264-6829
  • TDD/TTY users, please call 711 (Florida Relay Service)
  • Stacie worked in our water quality monitoring program upon joining our team in 2004. She currently focuses on public outreach activities and specializes in water conservation. Stacie has been leveraging grant funds to create a water conservation program, including implementation of irrigation restrictions. Stacie is a Florida Water Star Certifier and coordinates the Santa Fe River Springs Basin Working Group.
  • Gregory Owen
  • Senior Environmental Specialist
  • Phone:352-264-6833
  • TDD/TTY users, please call 711 (Florida Relay Service)
  • Greg has worked with the water resources group since 2009. He splits his time working in water quality and water conservation. Greg is a key member involved in implementing the irrigation restrictions and shares responsibilities for water quality monitoring, compliance and enforcement. Greg is a Water Star certifier, as well.
  • Emily Rodriguez
  • Environmental Specialist
  • Phone:352-264-6809
  • TDD/TTY users, please call 711 (Florida Relay Service)
  • Prior to being hired at ACEPD, Emily was active in the community as a Watershed Action Volunteer. As an Environmental Specialist, she continues to educate the public about water conservation and stormwater pollution prevention. Emily also implements the irrigation restriction inspection program.
  • Jim Hatchitt
  • GIS Specialist
  • Phone:352-264-6826
  • TDD/TTY users, please call 711 (Florida Relay Service)
  • Jim is responsible for the development and maintenance of the Geographic Information Systems (GIS) for the Department. He has 25 years of experience in the use of GIS for land use and natural resource analysis. He is the author of several papers discussing the use of GIS in applications ranging from demographics to endangered species habitat preservation. Areas of responsibility within EPD include spatial analysis and modeling, cartography, base map development and database administration. Jim is a volunteer for Aquifer Watch.