Bright Futures Scholarship Program Volunteers

​​Florida Bright Futures Scholarship Program 

Alachua County is proud to offer opportunities for high school students to meet the requirements for a Florida Bright Futures Scholarship. Our simple service projects teach young people responsibility and leadership, plus reinforce positive values and good citizenship.

Who can apply?

High school students enrolled in grades 9 to 12, including the summer before a student begins 9th grade, are eligible to apply.

What volunteer opportunities are available for Bright Futures?

There may be special single-day events that students can volunteer to earn community service hours. Visit Alachua County's Volunteer Program​ webpage to view those opportunities. Continuous opportunities are listed below:


How do I get started volunteering with Alachua County?

  • Identify a social problem and develop a plan of personal involvement to address the problem.
  • Meet with your high school's community service designee to complete the necessary paperwork and ensure that you meet the School Board requirements.
  • Identify a volunteer opportunity with Alachua County to support your project (see our list of current opportunities above).
  • Complete the Community Service Registration Form (This form may not be required. Please consult with your high school's community service designee.)
  • Record volunteer hours on Community Service Volunteer Service Record

What are the requirements?

  • Work under the direct supervision of your high school's community service designee and your Alachua County supervisor.
  • Complete the minimum hours of community service work required for your scholarship level (Chapter 1 Florida Bright Futures Student Handbook page 3).
  • Be proud to earn a scholarship while making a difference in your community!

How can I learn more?