​​​The Alachua County Volunteer Program seeks to provide opportunities in various areas ​​of interest for volunteers to gain experience and contribute to maintaining the County’s quality of services. Join us and help Alachua County be the best place to live, learn, and grow. View our Volunteer Positions.​​​

The Florida Bright Futures Scholarship Program establishes a lottery-funded scholarship for high school graduates based on academic achievement. Alachua County has several Bright Futures community service hour opportunities for students to complete to obtain the award. Some single-day volunteer opportunities below may be available as well.

How to Become a Continuous Volunteer

How to Become a Continuous Volunteer

Step 1

Application and Selection

Review position’s requirements and complete the application. Some additional selection steps may be needed depending on position

Step 2


Attend orientation where you’ll receive training, safety information and additional forms.

Step 3


Begin volunteering!

Volunteer for the Day

On the calendar below, you can find our single-day events coming up. It's recommended for potential volunteers to complete the single-day volunteer registration form. By registering for the event, staff can prepare for the number of volunteers anticipated. Volunteers may still attend even if they have not registered unless the event description states otherwise.