Charter Review Commission

The citizens of Alachua County, Florida, believed that governmental decisions affecting local interests should be made locally rather than by the State.  To provide the County the full home rule benefits afforded by the Constitution of the State of Florida to charter counties, the electorate established a home rule charter for Alachua County, Florida.  The Charter allows for amendments to be proposed by a Charter Review Commission, which convenes every ten (10) years.  The Alachua County Board of County Commissioners has established a twelve (12) member Charter Review Commission for the 2019-2020 review period.  The mission of this Commission is to review the Charter and propose any amendments or revisions which may be advisable for placement on the 2020 general election ballot.

How does the Charter Review Commission (CRC) work?

  1. The CRC shall meet for the purpose of organization within thirty (30) days after the appointments have been made.
  2. A majority of the members of the CRC shall constitute a quorum.
  3. The CRC shall hold at least 3 public hearings at intervals of not less than 10 days apart nor more than 20 days on any proposed charter amendment or revision.
  4. No charter amendment shall be submitted to the electorate unless favorably voted upon by a majority of the entire membership of the CRC.
  5. Not later than 90 days prior to the general election, the CRC shall deliver to the BoCC the proposed amendments.
  6. The BoCC shall by resolution place such amendments on the general election ballot.
  7. If a majority of the electors voting favor adoption, such amendments shall become effective on January 1 of the succeeding year.
  8. The CRC shall be dissolved on the date of the general election.  However, if no amendments are submitted, the CRC shall be automatically dissolved 90 days prior to the general election.

If you are a registered voter of Alachua County, Florida, are not a member of the State Legislature or the Board of County Commissioners, and wish to be considered for a seat on the CRC, please review the following reports and videos and complete the application.  The Alachua County Board of County Commissioners will review the applications and appoint the CRC members at the regular meeting on September 10, 2019​ at 5:00pm.

For questions related to the Charter Review Commission, you may email the liaison, Leslie Moyer, at​​ ​​

Charter Review Commis​sion Meeting Videos