Tree Care

​​Tree Pruning

The Alachua County Unified Land Development Code (ULDC) regulates excessive pruning of trees. “Within landscaped areas, trees may be pruned to maintain shape and promote their shade-giving qualities. They should be pruned to remove diseased or dying portions in areas where falling limbs could be a hazard to people or property. Lower limbs may be removed to provide clearance for pedestrians. In addition, trees located in association with vehicular use areas shall also be pruned to allow a seven-foot clearance from ground level to avoid potential for damage or injury to both pedestrians and vehicles, after they have adapted to the site. Mature trees overgrowing driveways should be pruned to allow the passage of emergency vehicles. However, the excessive pruning or pollarding of trees into round balls of crown or branches, which results in an unnecessary reduction of shade, shall be prohibited, and may require supplemental plantings. All pruning shall be done following the American National Standard for Tree Care Operations "Tree, Shrub and Other Woody Plant Maintenance - Standard Practices” (Section 407.47(d) ULDC)

The pruning of trees is prohibited within designated buffer areas and conservation areas without prior approval by Alachua County. Contact Alachua County Environmental Protection Department at 352-264-6800 for questions about activities within designated buffers and conservation areas.

Alachua County’s Preferred Tree List

Reap the benefits of quality trees by choosing the right tree for the right place. Find excellent tree species for our area.

Quality Tree Care

Well managed trees are an asset to your home; they improve property values, aesthetics, and provide environmental benefits such as temperature moderation, as well as reduce noise, air, and water pollution. Routine tree care also reduces the potential for storm related damages. Citizens interested in quality tree care are encouraged to hire an International Society of Arboriculture certified arborist to perform all tree pruning and/or tree removals. Find a local arborist

Graphic displaying proper pruning of a tree