You may at some time consider selling your land and because you would like to see it protected, you may prefer to sell to Alachua County Forever. In exceptional cases, we may approach you and offer to buy your land to conserve its natural resource values. In some special cases, we may not need to purchase the fee interest in the property and can thereby close the gap between the funds available to Alachua County Forever, the many properties we'd like to protect, and the price you would like to receive.

  • Outright Sale (Fee Simple Sale):
You can simply sell the property to Alachua County Forever for an agreed upon price. Alachua County Forever can then place an easement on the property or otherwise protect it. This option may not be as advantageous for you as it seems. Capital gains taxes on the sale proceeds may be high if the value of the land has appreciated since you have owned it.

  • Sale with a Reserved Life Estate:
You may wish to sell land to Alachua County Forever for a reduced cost with an agreement that you (and your children) may continue to live on the property for the rest of your lives. You can use it as always, providing you do not damage the natural area. Alachua County Forever will periodically visit with you to make sure they are no issues that need attention.

  • Right of First Refusal: 
You may not wish to sell the land immediately, but may wish to give Alachua County Forever the first chance to buy the property if you decide to sell. If another party offers to buy the land, the agreement gives us a chance to match the offer. It can also give us time to raise funds to buy the property. There is a risk that the County will not be able to raise the necessary money at the time you wish to sell it, and the property may then be sold to whomever you choose.

  • Bargain Sale of Land (part donation / part sale):
This option may provide income from selling a portion of the land, plus tax benefits from donating the remaining portion. If you need to make some immediate income from selling your land, yet would like to see the property go to Alachua County Forever, a bargain sale might be the answer. You sell the land for less than its fair market value. This not only makes it more affordable to the Program, but offers several benefits to you. It provides you with cash. It may avoid some capital gains tax, and it may provide an income tax deduction since the difference between the selling price and its appraised value is considered a donation. You must make your donative intent clear prior to the beginning of the negotiations so you can qualify for the benefits.

  • Sale with an Easement:
You can place an easement on your land with Alachua County Forever before selling it on the open market. You could receive the potential benefits of an easement, know that your land will be protected forever, and still receive income from selling it. Alachua County Forever, as the easement holder, would be responsible for continuing to make sure that the conservation values are maintained.

  • ​Sale and Buyback or Leaseback with Restrictions:
If you would like to protect your land, but you want little involvement while conservation tools are put in place, you can sell or donate it to a conservation group or agency with a special agreement. Once the group gets the land protected through an option like an easement, they resell the land to you at the agreed price. Alachua County Forever may be involved as the ultimate easement holder or management agency.

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