Set Your Deed Title Name Before the Sale


Before the Sale

You must select or set the name you wish the tax deed to be issued in before you bid. You will not be able to change this after the bidding is over. 

To set or update your “Name on Title” in the event you are the winning bidder (this is also called the “Nickname,” because if you create a Name on Title it will not be the name you are registered as) that you wish to be on the deed if you win the auction, click on the “Name on Title (Nickname)” option for this property and then “Manage Name(s) on Title.” This CANNOT be changed once the bidding is over. You can create a different “nickname” for each property you wish to bid on, however, for each property you bid on, you will take title in the name shown in the Nickname section for that property or the name you are registered with if no Nickname is added for that property.​