Business Development

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​​Alachua County is committed to creating a business-friendly, diverse and innovative environment where entrepreneurs thrive. Attracting and retaining businesses are key commitments to community prosperity.

This Business Development is designed to meet your need for information, assistance and support in one of the most dynamic innovation environments in the state of Florida. It is designed as a directory; connecting entrepreneurs and business owners with service providers, support organizations and programs.

Explore this guide to find out more about local, state and national programs, service providers and organizations that can help grow your business. Accessing these resources to make connections, develop and finance your business. It can also inform you of incentives and permits processing.

Whether taking the first step to start a business, expanding to the next level, or considering relocating to our community, this guide is a great start to connect you with the resources of our community.

​The County values your decision to become part of the Alachua County business community.