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Alachua County Talks- Emergency Management (January 2016)

This edition of Alachua County Talks features an interview with Alachua County Emergency Management Director David Donnelly. Donnelly discusses the mission of Alachua County Emergency Management, the importance of community and personal disaster preparedness, and the challenges faced in providing emergency shelter, services and information during extreme weather events and other natural or manmade disasters.

In speaking of the program Alachua County Talks host Mark Sexton said, “Alachua County Emergency Management provides a great example of County and other local governments working together to safeguard our community in times of crisis. The County and Director Donnelly are committed to the County Emergency Management mission to develop and sustain a disaster resilient community. ”

For more information, visit Alachua County Emergency Management online at or call the Alachua County Emergency Management at 352-264-6500.

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