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  • Mill Creek Nature Preserve

      1,230-acre preserve with 5 miles of unpaved trails. Property is unique for its mix of southernmost extent of Appalachian hardwood forest, small waterfall and pine flatwoods. American Beech trees can be observed here in their southernmost extent. Mill Creek Preserve was purchased in 2002 by Alachua County with funding from the Alachua County Forever Bond and a Florida Communities Trust Grant. The preserve was purchased to protect, preserve and enhance the unique natural and cultural resources found on the property and to provide an enjoyable and educational passive recreational experience.

      Preserve Hours:
      8:00AM-6:00PM November through April
      8:00AM-8:00PM May through October

      Preserve Brochures Mill Creek Preserve Brochure_2020.pdf

        Preserve Rules:
      • Pack out what you pack in.
      • Trails are for pedestrians only.
      • Help prevent erosion by staying on the trails.
      • Leashed dogs are allowed on the trails provided owners pick up after them.
      • Collecting plants, artifacts or fossils is prohibited.
      • No taking, harassing, or killing of wildlife without written permission from Alachua County.

        Advice For The Trails:
      • During wet weather, trails may be under water.
      • Be prepared for rough or soft trails-some roadways are utilized for fire breaks and are periodically harrowed.
      • For your comfort and safety, wear sunscreen and a hat, use insect repellent, and carry water.

      Shortcut Trail – Utilizing the shortcut trail removes one half mile from West Trail/Hammock Trail, and still allows the walker to experience many of the same natural communities.
      West Trail/Hammock Trail - Rating-Moderate. This 3.0 mile trail takes the walker through many of the preserve habitats, including pineland, and hammock. The Hammock portion of the trail crosses tributaries of Townsend Branch and in this section you can see American beech trees and many other species.; Allow several hours. Unmarked Service Roads and Firebreaks— You are welcome to walk on service roads and firebreaks. Please note: roads and firebreaks have no directional signs.
      Marsh Trail – Rating: Easy. This 0.6 mile trail features views of pine plantation that will be restored to pine flatwoods and a seasonally flooded grassy marsh. Allow 30 minutes for a relaxed walk.
      Old Providence Trail - Rating: Easy to Moderate. Along this 1.4 mile trail you walk along a portion of Old Providence Road/Fort Call Road, an historic road that early residents of the county used. You will see Townsend Branch Creek, pinelands, swamp and hardwood forests with American beech trees. The trail narrows to a single track as you approach the creek.; Allow 1 hour at a relaxed pace.

      No picnic or restroom facilities.

      Trail maps are available at the Preserve or you can request a brochure by emailing the link on our contact page. Brochures are available in alternate format on request.