Educational Programs

​​​​ Educational Programs

Water Resource programs help students develop an understanding of water connections in the community and the importance of individual actions in protecting water. We offer programs for elementary, middle, and high school students in public, private, and homeschool settings. Some programs are available in a virtual format or staff can meet your group at a designated outdoor location.

Visit the Water Wisdom YouTube page for short educational videos available anytime. Staff can also meet with students and discuss videos via ZOOM.

Presentations for adult audiences on a range of water topics are available by request for HOAs and community groups (pollution prevention, water wise landscaping, springs protection, water conservation, wetlands, and more).

To schedule a presentation or program, contact Eliana Bardi at 352-264-6810 or​

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Select School Programs

Rain Down the Drain/Watershed Enviroscape

The Enviroscape desktop model is used for a hands-on, interactive presentation that explains stormwater pollution and some simple ways we can help reduce it! This presentation can be adapted for a wide range of audiences from preschool to adult.

Children using the Enviroscape desktop model  
Close-up of Enviroscape model  

Wetlands Enviroscape

What is a wetland and why are they important? This hands-on model demonstrates the way wetlands help filter pollutants, prevent flooding, and provide habitat for wildlife and plant species. We will discuss local examples of wetlands including natural and human-constructed treatment wetlands. Suggested for 2nd grade to adult.


Save Our Springs

Students will learn simple ways they can save water every day and why it’s important for springs ecosystems, wildlife, and people! Suggested for 1st-3rd grade.

Children raising their hands in a classroom  
Teacher speaking with the children during the Save Our Springs program  

Rainwater Journey

Explore the water cycle and the importance of clean water to aquatic creatures. Follow the path of water from clouds down to streets, to storm drains and through creeks, and ultimately into the aquifer and out of our faucets! Suggested for 1st-3rd grade.

Demonstration of the Rainwater Journey  
Kids exploring the Rainwater Journey  

Springs in Jeopardy

Build knowledge of the aquifer and springs, and learn how to protect these important water resources, then compete in teams in the Springs Jeopardy Challenge. Suggested for 6th grade to adult.

Springs in Jeopardy  
Ginnie Springs  

Invertebrate Investigations

What is a macroinvertebrate and how do scientists use them to assess water quality? Students will learn about these fascinating aquatic organisms and view local specimen using magnifiers and ID sheets. 7th-12th grade. (20 students or fewer)

Diagram of macroinvertebrates  
Person standing in water with a net using macroinvertebrates to assess water quality  

Science Night

Kids participating in Science Night  

Each year, a school is selected to host a water-themed Science Night. Prior to the event, every class receives an age-appropriate presentation on local water resources and pollution prevention. During Science Night, students and their families are invited for an evening of ree pizza, games, activities, prizes, and science exhibitors to celebrate the importance of water and science! Contact us to inquire: