Cabot Koppers - Remediated Properties and Historical Offsite Contamination Near Koppers

​​​Offsite soil cleanup to remove documented contamination with dioxins, arsenic and benzo-a-pyrene was substantially completed by Beazer East and USEPA in November 2014 on residential and commercial properties near the Koppers Superfund site. The properties included in the remediation area are shown in the Area of Remediation Map.

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The top 2 feet of surface soils on the remediated properties have been cleaned to acheive the State of Florida residential cleanup standards and these properties are no longer considered contaminated.   

Historical (2009-2014) offsite soils test data for dioxins(TCDD-TEQ), arsenic (As) and benzo(a)pyrene (BAPTE) contaminants are shown on the Interactive Map of Historical Soil Data below.  These historical data points are based on validated results reported to the US Environmental Protection Agency (USEPA), Florida Department of Environmental Protection (FDEP) and the Alachua County Environmental Protection Department (ACEPD).  Sample locations are in road rights-of-way and some private properties.   Contaminant levels in samples from locations adjacent to the Koppers Superfund site were potentially linked to contamination impacts from the Koppers site. Contaminant levels above FDEP Soil Clean-up criteria (SCTLs) in soil samples from locations distant or farther away from the Koppers site have not been linked to the Koppers site and may represent impacts from other sources.   


Information on human health risks associated with soil contamination levels indicated in this map is available at the Alachua County Health Department website.   

Interactive Map Data updated as of October 2014.


DISCLAIMER: This Historical map and the spatial data it contains are made available as a public service to be used for reference purposes. The data on remediated properties Does not represent current soil contamination conditions.  The Alachua County Environmental Protection Department provides this information AS IS without warranty of any kind, implied, or expressed, regarding accuracy, completeness, or fitness of use.  The quality of the data is dependent on the various sources from which each data layer is obtained.