Media Release

NW 16th Ave. Ground Tests

Tuesday, June 15, 2010 4:30 PM

ALACHUA COUNTY, FL - On February 23, 2010, Alachua County staff presented to the Alachua County Board of County Commissioners (BoCC) a summary of the public comments received and the action plan proposed for the NW 16th Ave/NW 23rd Ave Project.  During this meeting, the BoCC directed staff to proceed with the implementation of the proposed action plan which includes ground tests and evaluations of the proposed median modifications and closures.  Upon completion of the action plan, which began on March 22, 2010, staff will return and present the findings and recommendations to the BoCC.


The ground tests temporarily closed the existing traffic separator and medians located west of the NW 16th Ave/NW 13th Street and east of the NW 16th Blvd/NW 43rd Street intersections. These initial tests were completed on May 25, 2010.


An additional action item is proposed to those that were approved by the BoCC on February 23, 2010.  This additional ground test will temporarily close the existing traffic separator in front of the Kangaroo Station/Millhopper Square and modify the median opening in front of the Fresh Market and Publix Shopping Centers located east of the NW 16th Blvd/NW 43rd Street intersection.  This test is scheduled to begin on June 21, 2010 and end on August 4, 2010.


To view the February 23rd BoCC meeting, click here (scroll down to and click item 16 to skip to this part of the meeting).


The NW 16th Ave/NW 23rd Avenue Project (between NW 57th Terrace and NW 13th Street) includes the resurfacing and rehabilitation of the existing pavement, upgrading the existing pedestrian facilities to meet current ADA requirements, addressing safety and operational issues through intersection and median opening modifications, and stabilizing the retaining walls along NW 16th Ave.  The project length is 4.0 miles. 


Upon completion of the preliminary plans, the County identified the need to evaluate the provisions for accommodation of bicycles along the entire corridor. This resulted in the identification of three options to improve bicycle accommodation including narrowing the existing lanes, widening the existing sidewalks, and widening the existing roadway.   This information was presented to the BoCC during their meeting on Oct 27, 2009, at the Public Information Meeting held on November 16, 2009, and the Bicycle/Pedestrian Advisory Board meeting on December 1, 2009.


A Public Information Meeting Summary Report has been developed that summarizes written comments received on this project.  In addition, an action plan has been developed to identify specific tasks and activities to address issues raised by the BoCC and the general public during the public involvement process in order to finalize the preliminary design concepts for the project. The plan presents research activities to evaluate proposed project improvements, identifies on the ground tests and evaluations for selected proposed project improvements and presents communications and public involvement activities to communicate the findings. 


Click here for a public comment form, which is available for making written comments concerning this action plan.


For more information, contact Brent King, Alachua County Public Works at 352-374-5245 ext. 217. 



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