Florida Water Star Irrigation Offset Rebate

$700 Rebates for Florida Water Star Certified Properties!

EPD has received funds from St. Johns River Water Management District to reduce water use by incentivizing the Florida Water Star Program for new construction occurring within Alachua County, including municipalities. Florida Water Star is a voluntary water conservation certification program for new residential and commercial construction. 

Survey of new homeowners reveals that 68% of homebuyers are willing to pay more for landscapes that use less water. Click HERE for more information. ​

How it Works

  • Properties must be certified by 1/31/19 and paperwork must be submitted by 2/8/19.
  • Learn the Florida Water Star program criteria at FloridaWaterStar.com.
  • Sign the Builder Agreement with the Water Management District.
  • The properties must have irrigation to qualify. (While Alachua County does not promote irrigation, these funds were designated to offset outdoor water use from irrigation).
  • Work with an independent Florida Water Star Certifier.
  • Submit the Alachua County Rebate Form, proof of certification, and a W9 (one per builder) to Alachua County.
  • If the application is sufficient, a $700 check will be mailed, while funds last.

Program Materials

Florida Water Star Irrigation Offset Rebate Application
Program Flyer- For Builders
Program Flyer- For Homeowners


Florida Water Star Program Website
Florida Water Star Certifiers
Florida Water Star Landscaping and Irrigation Professionals
W9 Form