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    Welcome to Four Creeks Preserve! 

    There is currently no parking at either entrance to the preserve.  Visitors must walk or bike to reach the preserve.

    Preserve Hours:

    8:00 AM to 6:00 PM (November-April)
    8:00 AM to 8:00 PM (May-October)


    Four Creeks​ 


    Click here to tour Four Creeks Preserve

    About the Preserve:
    The 715-acre Four Creeks Preserve was jointly purchased by the Alachua County Forever Program and the City of Gainesville in September 2018 using funds from the Wild Spaces Public Places initiative. The preserve was purchased to protect a variety of    upland and wetland habitats including the headwaters of four local creeks (Turkey Creek, Blues Creek, Possum Creek, and Hogtown Creek) which provide wildlife habitat and support aquifer recharge.  The preserve is part of local and statewide efforts to protect  and maintain significant wildlife corridors and protect areas of diverse habitats and relatively mature and diverse undisturbed forest within an area of Alachua County that is rapidly urbanizing.  The preserve contains several hundred acres of wetland communities.  This important feature means that trails may be seasonally flooded and may not be easily accessible during all times of the year.  As the management plan for the preserve is finalized, trail and trailhead locations may change.  The preserve is actively managed to improve the natural communities that exist here. Habitat restoration is needed due to historic fire suppression, especially in the pine flatwoods natural community.  Prescribed fire, mowing, and other techniques will appear dramatic when implemented, but will help stimulate the recovery of diverse wildlife species and native groundcover over time.  A 2.5 mile walking trail loop circles the heart of the preserve.  The west side of the loop (1.1 mile long Yellow trail) is drier, while the east side of the loop (1.4 mile long Blue trail) will be more frequently flooded.  During high water periods, both sides of the loop may have standing water.  Due wet trail conditions, bikes are not allowed on the trail while we stabilize the trail surface.    

    Preserve Rules:
    ·         Help keep the Preserve maintained:
    o   Pack out what you pack in. Don’t litter.
    o   Walking access only. No bicycles. No horses.
    o   Dogs must be on leashes.
    o   Help prevent erosion by staying on trails.
    o   No motorized vehicles except ADA equipment.
    ·         For your safety:
    o   Stay on marked trails. Keep out of Closed Areas.
    o   Visitors who remain after hours are trespassing.
    ·         Taking, harassing, or killing of plants and wildlife, and collecting of fossils or artifacts is not permitted.
    Advice for the trails:
    ·         Natural areas and wildlife may be hazardous. Use common sense and be cautious:
    o   Do not approach or harass wildlife.
    ·         Be prepared for soft and uneven terrain:
    o   Some trails are maintained and disked as firebreaks.
    o   Under wet conditions some trails are  flooded.
    ·         Please respect our neighbors’ privacy by staying on marked trails.
    ·         For your comfort and safety:
    o   Wear sunscreen and a hat, use insect repellent; carry water and a trail map
    No drinking water available at the Preserve.
    No restrooms.  No picnic facilities.
    Trail maps are available at the Preserve or you can request a brochure by email using the link on our contact page. Brochures are available in alternate format on request.

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    • Four Creeks Preserve
    • 6845 NW 37th Street Gainesville FL (South entrance) 8400 NW 13th Street (North entrance)
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