Compliance and Enforcement


Compliance and Enforcement

Protection of our natural resources, as required by the Alachua County Comprehensive Plan and land development code, is an important part of the development review and building process. Projects are inspected during and after construction to insure compliance with development and permit approval.

When performing our duties, we try our best to be consistent, and use common sense and reasonable judgement. We strive to be proactive by meeting with property owners before alterations are made or development occurs.

- Our approach to compliance is to foster communication and cooperation with property owners for the long-term benefit of the resource that is protected -

If a violation is discovered, either by a complaint or as part of an assessment we initiated, we normally seek restoration without enforcement.

While many violations can be resolved without assessing fines, it is the responsibility of the property owner to remediate any impacts to the resource in a timely manner. When an enforcement action is necessary, we can use any number of remedies, but primarily refer the case to the Code Enforcement Board.

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