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Tools stuffTools For Schools is a reusable resource center located in Alachua County, Florida, providing new and gently used educational supplies to Alachua County Public School teachers at no cost. Tools for Schools operates with disadvantaged children in mind since many parents cannot afford the cost of a school lunch, let alone the necessary school supplies. Tools for Schools hopes to alleviate some of the economic pressure teachers are faced with every school year.

You can help! Every day, local businesses and households throw away countless items which still have educational value to them. Overruns and no longer needed supplies are just a few  of the materials sent to the landfill instead of being reused. Imagine those items in the hands of eager students! They become useful supplies to help make math, science, and language arts concepts real.

Tools for Schools is a partnership of the Alachua County Board of County Commissioners and the Alachua County Public Schools that offers a place for teachers to shop for learning materials at no cost. Businesses and individuals provide the materials, and teachers visit the store to select items for their students.

Who benefits from Tools for Schools?


All teachers are familiar with the costly burden of supplying school materials for their classrooms every year.Tools for Schools lightens this burden by providing an abundance of educational tools at no cost. Public school teachers from the Alachua County School District have access to the center. Teachers can earn additional shopping days by volunteering.


A lack of materials infringes upon a student's potential for learning and creativity. Tools for Schools provides Alachua County's teacher with a greater variety of essential materials, both traditional and non traditional, at no cost for their students.


Local businesses play an extremely valuable role in the community by becoming business partners and donating to Tools for Schools. Not only will the business reduce their amount of waste, but they will be providing free resources for educational use throughout the community. The Alachua County Commission and the School Board of Alachua County recognize these businesses as sponsors.


What once reflected negative images of alcohol and tobacco sales is now a positive influence, benefiting local children and teachers. The old convenience store located next to Williams Elementary School, near Lincoln Middle School, is now Tools for Schools, a reusable resource center for teachers.


Every day, valuable items are thrown away while resources are unnecessarily used to create new materials. By reusing materials, we are able to help our environment by conserving our natural resources and extending the life of our landfills. Help reduce waste, conserve resources and save money!


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