Public Shelters

Hurricane shelters are a last resort. If you have family, friends or a hotel to go to out of the area, it would be preferable to living in an emergency shelter. The decision to open shelters will depend on the severity of the event as well as local needs.

Shelter information will be available by calling 3-1-1 as well as through the media and the Alachua County Emergency Management website. DO NOT CALL 9-1-1 for shelter or storm information. Call 9-1-1 only for a life threatening emergency.

Special Needs

If someone has a special medical need, he or she should enroll in the Alachua County Special Needs Registry. The County maintains a resident registry and arranges for transportation and shelter. To register call: 352.264.6500.

Take to the Shelter

Sufficient non-perishable food for 72 hours; medicine and baby needs; games for children; bedding and a change of clothes for the entire family; flashlight with extra batteries. Trained personnel will staff each shelter to maintain order and give assistance. Pets brought to a shelter will be taken care of by County Animal Services for the duration of the event and reunited with their owners post storm.

Risk Shelters

A risk shelter is defined as a facility that complies with the American Red Cross "Guidelines for Hurricane Evacuation Shelter Selection (ARC 4496, July 1992)". Risk shelters lie in the projected path of an approaching hurricane or storm. This designation does not imply the facility is capable of affording complete protection or is free from hazards but only it meets established safety criteria.

Refuges of Last Resort

Refuges of Last Resort are structures or buildings intended to accommodate people stranded on regional evacuation routes and unable to reach shelter prior to the onset of hurricane winds. These structures are not guaranteed to be completely safe in strong hurricanes; however, they provide an option that may be better than having people in vehicles on the road during a hurricane or remaining in substandard housing.

Refuges are not pre-identified before an event; however, potential refuges may include school buildings not listed here; City, County, churches, or other public buildings. Refuges may have little or no food, water, utilities, or supervision. In short, refuges are viewed as a last resort until the hurricane or other threat passes.

Risk Shelters Locations

NEW! 2014 Alachua County Hurricane Shelter Information - Brochure

NEW! 2014 Alachua County Hurricane Shelter Information - Large Print Brochure

Risk Shelters
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Specific shelter locations to be opened will be announced through the media, the Alachua County Emergency Management website and available by calling 3-1-1.

Special Needs Shelters
  • Alachua Elementary School - 13800 NW 152nd Place, Alachua
  • Buchholz High School - 5510 NW 27 Avenue, Gainesville
  • Gainesville Senior Center - 5701 NW 34th Blvd, Gainesville
  • Rawlings Elementary School - 3500 NE 15th Street, Gainesville
  • Westwood Middle School - 3215 NW 15 Avenue, Gainesville
General Population Shelters
  • Archer Community School - 14533 SW 170 Street, Archer
  • Chiles Elementary School - 2525 Schoolhouse Road, Gainesville
  • Eastside High School - 1201 SE 43 Street, Gainesville
  • High Springs Community School - 1015 N Main, High Springs
  • Kanapaha Middle School - 5005 SW 75 Street, Gainesville
  • Meadowbrook Elementary School - 11525 NW 39th Avenue, Gainesville
  • Newberry Archery Center - 24880 NW 16th Avenue, Newberry
  • Oak View Middle School - 1203 SW 250 Street, Newberry
  • Santa Fe High School - 16213 NW US 441, Alachua
  • Shell Elementary School - 21633 SE 65 Avenue, Hawthorne
  • Talbot Elementary School - 5701 NW 43 Street, Gainesville
  • Waldo Community School - 14450 NE 148 Avenue, Waldo
  • Williams Elementary School - 1245 SE 7 Avenue, Gainesville