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The Alachua County Road & Bridge Office is responsible for the safe operation and maintenance of the county-wide transportation network of roads, bridges and associated rights-of-way. The road system consists of over 640 miles of paved roads and 240 miles of graded roads.

If you have a problem concerning a county-maintained road or right-of-way such as: pothole, stop sign down, dead animal on the road, tree limb down, road side drop off, clogged culvert, sight distance problem, etc. you may phone, Etta Taylor, Staff Assistant, at (352) 374-5245 x1215 or email at and report the problem. The Road & Bridge office will need your name, phone number, location of the problem, and a brief description of the problem.

Unimproved Roads Improvement Program: The Alachua County Board of County Commissioners instituted the Unimproved Road Improvement Program to provide a higher level of service to residents on unpaved roads and to lower maintenance costs. Read more.

To get the latest news on our current projects, please visit our Current Reports page. We post all documentation for Public Works projects here as it becomes available. For further questions regarding a report, or the release of a future report, please call us at 352-374-5245.


To provide for the safe operating condition of all roads and bridges on the County Road System by providing a quality road maintenance program.


  • To resolve citizen complaints in a responsive and responsible manner
  • To constantly seek ways to partner with other agencies to improve the ability to respond to emergencies
  • To utilize the most efficient and effective maintenance and repair strategy for County roads in an effort to maximize revenue resources
  • To grade over 240 miles of County unpaved roads on a four-week basis
  • To mow over 500 miles of County roads on an eight-week cycle during mowing season
  • To pick up an average of 100 tons of litter per year
  • To sweep 245 miles of County paved roads on a 60-day cycle

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