Rinse it clean

By rinsing out all food containers, you raise the value of the material. Unrinsed items will not be collected as they contaminate the other recyclables.

Zero Waste Tip: Water used to rinse our containers can be saved and use to water plants!

Off with the lids

Please remove lids from plastic or glass bottles and jars. They can become projectiles if they are attached to containers that are put into the bailing machine and can pose a threat to recycling workers. Lids can also damage equipment by getting jammed in gears and other workings. One exception: you can recycle metal lids on cans, for example soup cans. Leave these metal lids attached or place them in the bottom of cans, and pinch the top of the cans together.

Zero Waste Tip: Collect various bottle caps and lids (different sizes and colors) and contact a local school art department to donate them for art projects or use them as a learning tool for your own children!

Step on it
You can save space by crushing aluminum cans and plastic containers. Now that you're recycling all that you can, you are going to need the space!
Wait until it's full

If your bin contains only a few items, do not set it out yet. Wait until it's full.

Zero Waste Tip: By recycling all that you can, you're making less garbage. You may be ready for a smaller garbage can which will save you money!

No need to remove labels
Labels are okay on all items.
Now come see what happens to your recyclables when it leaves the curbside. Alachua County operates a Recycled Materials Processing Facility at the Leveda Brown Environmental Park. Call 352-374-5213 to schedule a tour!
Embrace Zero Waste!