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Fleet Management on “100 Best” List
Letters of Interest for Tourist Development Tax Projects
An Introduction to the 2010 Census
Thou Shalt Not Text...
What’s On “Alachua County Talks”
County Update on Channel 12
Commission Meeting Highlights


Fleet Management on “100 Best” List

Alachua County Fleet Management has been recognized as one of the best 100 fleets in the country. Alachua County Fleet was included in the top 100 fleets for the use of hybrid vehicles and biodiesel, the right-sizing program and a 99% customer satisfaction rating.
“I am delighted that our Fleet Operation is being recognized among the best of their peers. This is well deserved recognition that is the result of the leadership, dedication, creativity and hard work of Fleet Manager Ray Griffin and his fine team,” said Public Works Director Rick Hedrick.

The program is sponsored by Government Fleet Magazine, Invers Mobility Solutions and Tom C. Johnson, consultant and author. 100 Best Fleets recognizes and rewards peak performing fleet operations in North America in order to identify and encourage increasing levels of performance improvement.

Applicants for the program are graded on 12 aspects of fleet management. Some of these aspects include: staff development, accountability, competitive pricing, use of technology and innovation, and quick efficient turnaround.

“Alachua County Fleet Management is always looking for new ways to improve on our delivery of services, and our customer satisfaction,” said Ray Griffin.

For more information on the 100 Best Fleets program, click here.

For more information on Alachua County Fleet management, click here, or call 352-374-5245 ext. 250.

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Letters of Interest for Tourist Development Tax Projects

Alachua County has issued a Request for Letters of Interest to public entities for projects that could be funded through Tourist Development Tax. Interested entities click here to view the specifications for the Letters of Interest.

Projects eligible for funding are described in subsection 125.0104 (5) of the Florida Statutes (click here). The Letters of Interest are due to the Purchasing Department on the third floor of the County Administration Building (12 SE 1st Street, Gainesville), at 2 p.m. on Tuesday, January 12, 2010.

For more information, contact Larry Sapp, Alachua County Purchasing Manager, at

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An Introduction to the 2010 Census

The foundation of our American democracy is dependent on fair and equitable representation in Congress. In order to achieve an accurate assessment of the number and location of the people living within the nation’s borders, the U.S. Constitution mandates a census of the population every 10 years.

The census population totals determine which states gain or lose representation in Congress. It also determines the amount of state and federal funding communities receive over the course of the decade. 2010 Census data will directly affect how more than $4 trillion is allocated to local, state and tribal governments over the next 10 years. In order for this funding allocation to be accomplished fairly and accurately, the goal of the decennial census is to count everybody, count them only once, and count them in the right place. The facts gathered in the census also help shape decisions for the rest of the decade about public health, neighborhood improvements, transportation, education, senior services and much more.

Reaching an Increasingly Diverse Population

The goal of the 2010 Census is to count all residents living in the United States on April 1, 2010. The U.S. Census Bureau does not ask about the legal status of respondents in any of its surveys and census programs. To help ensure the nation’s increasingly diverse population can answer the questionnaire accurately and completely, about 13 million bilingual Spanish/English forms will be mailed to housing units in neighborhoods identified as requiring high levels of Spanish assistance. Additionally, questionnaires in Spanish, Chinese (Simplified), Korean, Vietnamese and Russian — as well as language guides in 59 languages — will be available on request.

Recruiting Census Workers

By 2010, there will be an estimated 310 million people residing in the United States. Counting each person is one of the largest operations the federal government undertakes. For example, the Census Bureau will recruit nearly 3.8 million applicants for 2010 Census field operations. Of these applicants, the Census Bureau will hire about 1.4 million temporary employees. Some of these employees will be using GPS-equipped hand-held computers to update maps and ensure there is an accurate address list for the mailing of the census questionnaires.

10 Questions, 10 Minutes to Complete

With one of the shortest questionnaires in history, the 2010 Census asks for name, gender, age, race, ethnicity, relationship, and whether you own or rent your home. It takes only about 10 minutes for the average household to complete. Questions about how we live as a nation — our diversity, education, housing, jobs and more — are now covered in the American Community Survey, which is conducted every year throughout the decade and replaces the Census 2000 long-form questionnaire. Responses to the 2010 Census questionnaire are required by law. All responses are used for statistical purposes only, and all are strictly confidential.

For more information, visit the 2010 Census Web site at

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Thou Shalt Not Text...

Alachua County Manager Randall H. Reid recently distributed a “Thou Shalt Not Text” poster based on the image below. He then invited County employees to come up with alternative captions for the image. What follows are the submitted captions by County employees.

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What’s On “Alachua County Talks”

Check out the latest editions of Alachua County Talks on Community 12 TV by viewing the Channel 12 Show Schedule.

Click here to watch Gretchen McIntyre, co-founder of the “Food Co-op Project” in Alachua County and Maya Garner, co-founder of the “Kitchen Incubator Project” in Alachua County discuss the benefits of these projects to local food growers and producers, small businesses, and the community at large.

Click here to watch lachua County Purchasing Manager Larry Sapp discuss County purchasing philosophy, policy and procedures, including discussions on how businesses can learn about and compete for County contracts.

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County Update on Channel 12

County Update is a half hour news program providing in-depth information on County programs, services and initiatives. County Update airs on Community 12 and the Video On Demand website. Click here to view this month’s show.

Features This Month

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Commission Highlights

The Board heard Announcements by Mark Sexton Communications Coordinator

Cade Museum of Innovation
The Board heard a presentation on the Cade Museum of Innovation. 

Gainesville CRA
The Board heard a presentation on Gainesville’s CRA status report.

High Springs v.Alachua County Settlement Agreement
Approve the City of High Springs v. Alachua County Stipulated Settlement Agreement and authorized the chair to sign it.
settlement agreement.pdf
Resx0308 SSA.pdf

MMW Group
The Board heard presentation by MWW Group regarding the status of the 2010 Federal Program and issues related to appropriations cycle for 2011 and directed staff to prepare a 2011 Federal Legislative Program for submission with additions and subtractions as discussed.
2010 Federal Program.pdf

Charter Review Commission Budget
The Board approved a budget amendment using General Fund Reserves to create an account for payment of expenses for the Charter Review Commission.
Amount: $25,000.00
Excerpt from Home Rule Charter.pdf
Attachment: Budget Amendment Charter Review Expenses.pdf
Attachment: Agreement for Prof Legal Svcs.pdf
Attachment: Reserve adjustments for FY10.pdf

RTS Service

The Board approved the funding of RTS Base Level Service and Enhanced Service for Route 75 at existing service levels and authorize the Chair to execute the agreements for service
Amount: $807,453.00
FY09 City and County Ridership Estimates.pdf
RTS Funding Contracts FY10.ppt
Attachment: RTS Funding RT 75 Final.pdf
Attachment: RTS Funding Base Level Final.pdf

Transportation Concurrency Exception Area
The Board heard and accepted the presentation by the City of Gainesville staff regarding the City’s recent Comprehensive Plan amendments implementing a Transportation Concurrency Exception Area throughout the City.
Attachment: GvlnovTCEAOrdinance.pdf
Attachment: GvlnovTCEAPresentation.pdf

SR 26 Traffic Signal
The Board approved the maintenance agreement letter for the installation of a mast arm traffic signal at SR 26 at SW 131st Street
SR 26 Mast Arm Paint Chair Letter.pdf

Non-ad Valorum Assessment
The Board held the Public Hearing and adopted the Resolution of Intent to use the uniform method of collecting non-ad valorem assessments for collection, disposal, recycling and management of solid waste throughout Alachua County and for community maintenance in the Sugarfoot Oaks/Cedar Ridge Preservation and Enhancement District for Fiscal Year 2010-11.

Hickory Street & Pecan Street
The Board adopted the Resolution to vacate the portions of Hickory Street and Pecan Street within the plat of Arredonda Park and execute the 2 County Deeds. The Chair was authorized to execute any additional documents approved by the County Attorney, necessary to complete this transaction.
Attachment: Arredonda_Park_Deed_PARK_LANE.pdf
Attachment: Arredonda_Park_Deed_MCMILLAN.pdf

Non-ad Valorum Assessment (Fire Protection Services)
The Board adopted the resolution of intent to use the uniform method of collecting non-ad valorem assessment to fund Fire Protection Services throughout Alachua County excluding the incorporated area of Gainesville.
Resolution of Intent 12082009.pdf
Attachment: Exhibit B Legal Description.pdf
Attachment: Exhibit C Geographic Depiction Map.pdf
Attachment: Notice of Intent Ad 2009.pdf
Attachment: Exhibit A Proof of Publication.pdf

San Felasco Hammock Additions Turkey Creek Hammock Tract
The Board approved and exercised its Option to Purchase the San Felasco Hammock Additions Turkey Creek Hammock Tract, execute the associated Pledge Agreement with the sellers to endow the stewardship of the property, and authorize staff to execute any additional documents as necessary to close the transactions.
Amount: $4,046,300.00
BoCC091110 ACF Turkey Creek Contract.ppt
Attachment: Exhibit 5 Pledge Agreement Final.pdf
Attachment: Exhibit 1 Turkey Creek Hammock Evaluation.pdf
Exhibit 2 San Felasco Hammock Additions Assessment.pdf
Exhibit 4 Turkey Creek Hammock Costs.pdf
Attachment: Exhibit 3 Turkey Creek Accept and Option Final.pdf

 Lochloosa Creek - Roberts Land and Timber Tract
The Board approved and exercised its Option to Purchase the Lochloosa Creek - Roberts Land and Timber Tract and authorize staff to execute any additional documents as necessary to close the transactions.
Amount: $1,207,885.00
Exhibit 2 Lochloosa Creek Flatwoods Assessment.pdf
Attachment: Exhibit 4 Roberts Costs.pdf
Attachment: BoCC091208 ACF Roberts Contract.ppt
Attachment: Exhibit 1 Roberts Evaluation.pdf
Exhibit 3 Robert Accept and Option Final.pdf

Oakmont Planned Development
The Board approved ZOM-10-09 an amendment to the Oakmont Planned development and adopted Resolution Z-09-17 approving the request.
Attachment: ZOM1009 Powerpoint Presentation.pdf
ZOM1009 Background Materials.PDF
Attachment: ZOM1009ZMP goes with resolution.PDF
Attachment: PublicCommentsZOM1009.PDF
Attachment: ZOM1009Resolution.PDF
Attachment: ZOM1009 Applicant Powerpoint Presentation.ppt
ZOM1009 Applicant Powerpoint.pdf
Attachment: ZOM1009 Staff Report.pdf

Communications Tower
The Board approved a special exception to allow a 339-foot lattice (self-support) communications tower used by the Alachua County Sheriff’s Office.
Attachment: ZOX0209_GRUE_MAIL.pdf
ZOX0209 PowerPoint.pptx
Attachment: ZOX0209_PowerPoint.pdf
Attachment: ZOX0209_Exh5_Photosims.pdf
Attachment: ZOX0209_RESO.pdf
Attachment: ZOX0209_Exh3.PDF 

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Alachua County Advisory Boards

The Alachua County Commission is committed to citizen involvement on its advisory boards and is soliciting applications for the following vacancies:

Get Involved - Click here for an application:

Applications are also available at the County Manager’s Office on the Second Floor of the County Administration Building, 12 SE 1st St., Gainesville. For more information, call (352) 264-6904.

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