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Support Group Art Project (Please call 352-264-6760 or Toll Free #1-866-252-5439 for additional information.)

Support groups are on going and offered year round, by trained and skilled facilitators. Anyone interested in attending one of the five support groups offered by the program should call (352) 264-6760 or Toll Free #1-866-252-5439, for meeting dates and times.


(Helping Empower And Recover Through Sharing) ages 13 -17 - this group provides a supportive environment for teen victims of sexual violence. Counselors encourage survivors to express emotions by validating feelings of shame, guilt, embarrassment etc. in a non-judgmental environment of acceptance. Transportation provided.

(Homicide Survivors Uniting Recovering Through Support) Provides a safe and supportive environment to share and explore feelings with others who are also suffering the loss of a loved one by an act of violence. Counselors strive to assist survivors with feelings associated with the unique grieving process following the tragedy of a sudden, unexpected violent death.

(Male Survivors of Rape Trauma) Provides a safe and supportive environment for men to share and explore feelings that deal with recovery from sexual violence. Group sessions typically focus on a variety of issues related to the assault, including: effects of the rape on self-esteem, how to resolve strong reactions like confusion, fear, embarrassment, self-blame, guilt, and alienation, and how to heal and move on after an assault. M.S.O.R.T. offers support, confidentiality, and comfort in dealing with these difficult issues. Facilitators emphasize strict confidentiality as a rule of group and a condition of membership.


(Passages through Addiction and Trauma to Healing) A 12-week support group for prostitutes who are incest survivors, victims of sexual battery and substance abusers. The primary function of the group is to provide non-judgmental support, nurturing and insight into the connection of childhood sexual, physical and emotional abuse, prostitution and substance abuse. The group applies a holistic approach to empowering women from a cycle of street violence and victimization into a life of self-respect and productivity.


(Survivors of Rape Trauma) focus on empowering members to regain control of their lives, reclaim their voices and revitalize the spirit in a safe and supportive environment. Trained rape crisis counselors provide an atmosphere of individual attention coupled with compassion. All group members adhere to strict rules of confidentiality.


(Teaching Learning Caring) ages 9-12 -provides a warm, caring and accepting environment for child survivors of sexual violence. Discussions coupled with hands on creative art, workbook activities and therapeutic games encourage expression of feelings and emotions associated with sexual abuse.


  • Victim Services & Rape Crisis Center
  • Main Office
  • 218 SE 24th Street
  • Gainesville, FL 32641
  • Phone: 352-264-6760
  • Fax: 352-264-6774
  • Laura Kalt
  • VSRCC Director
  • 218 SE 24th Street
  • Gainesville, FL 32641
  • 24 Hour Rape Crisis Hotline
  • Phone: 352-264-6760
  • Toll free 24 Hour Rape Crisis Hotline
  • Phone: 866-252-5439
  • Bradford County Outreach Office
  • 501 West Washington Street
  • Starke, FL 32091
  • Union County Outreach Office
  • 401 NW Main Street
  • Lake Butler, FL 32054

Mission Statement

To diminish the impact of sexual violence and facilitate recovery to victims and survivors of violent crime by providing 24/7 hotline counseling and emergency outreach.

If any accommodations are needed for persons with disabilities, please contact the Equal Opportunity Office at (352) 374-5275 or (352) 374-5284 TDD.